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We can go to the Lord and meet with Him in prayer when trouble comes. He can comfort us and He is a safe shelter for the storms of life. The Lord can give us a new perspective on our problems and help us to navigate our way through the crisis. He can help us to start over if necessary. When trouble comes, we can trust in the tried and true promises contained in the Bible. We can find specific verses that are meaningful and encouraging to us. We can cling to Gods Word. In addition to seeking help from God, the Bible, and prayer; we can ask others to pray for us in times of trouble.

You Are My Hiding Place, Lord: Finding Peace in Gods Presence

We can make sure that those we share with will keep our request confidential if necessary. Lastly, we can seek wise counsel from our Pastor or another mature and trusted Christian if we face uncertain decisions that require additional insight. Click here if you would to believe and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Help Spread the Word! This will help get the Word in front of more people who need biblical guidance. Thanks for your help!

Mark Alan Williams Menu Skip to content. Will Christians Escape Judgment in the I can testify that He has never failed to help me in times of trouble. They looked unto him, and were lightened: Your thoughts are welcome! You can leave a comment below. Let Your mighty presence fill this place. Honor, glory, and Your holiness. Let Your glory come and fill this place. Your precious blood was shed for me.

Bearing the pain, You thought of me. Grace, like oceans, now surrounds me. In my shamefulness, You chose to hold me close. On the cross, Your wounded hands, they tell me, You never let me go. Great is Your love, unending love. Your love is so long, Your love is so wide. More than enough, more than I could know, Jesus, come and fill me with Your love. All the earth shout praises to the Lord on high. Come and sing unto the Lord. Come and celebrate our rock. Come and make a joyful song. Let all the earth proclaim all His wonderful ways.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving. Enter His courts with shouts of praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name forever. For He is good eternally. His kindness lasts forever more.

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His faithfulness will never change, until the end. The skies rejoice. The earth sings praise.

You Are My Hiding Place, LordHarvest House

The sea and all the creatures will proclaim. The field and all the creatures celebrate. His love surrounds us, filling every heart. We lift our hands, we lift our voice.

The joy of the Lord will be my strength. Let us shout, let us praise. Let us glorify His name. Let us sing unto the Lord. We will work together keeping unity and peace. Treat each other with kindness and grace. Let us love just as Jesus loves. Do not envy or judge. With forgiveness and care, we will love for God is love.

I am called a royal priest, called a holy nation, for I am His son, a masterpiece of God. Here I am, here I am. Lord, send me! And with Jesus in my heart, I am not afraid. With the Spirit in my heart, I can do great things. Declare Your name to all the earth. Forever, You will be with us.

Where Is Your Hiding Place?

Abba father, I call to You. Like a child, I run to You, drawing close to You. Abba, You are right here with me. My Abba father, my life belongs to You. You washed my sins away, white as snow, wrapped me in Your arms. Abba, I am Your child. You clothe me with Your mercy, crown with glory.

I know that on this winding road I walk on, I am not alone. With all my heart, I will run to You. With all my strength, Abba, I love You. Father, You are right here with me. You hear my voice within Your holy place.

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You hear my prayer. You turn Your ears to me. God, You reached down and took hold of me. And You pulled me out from the depths. Rescued me from enemies. God, You reached down and took hold of me, and You never let go of me. Led me to the promised land, where I can stand in Your pleasure. I will sow, sow the seeds when I pray. I will water the seeds with my tears. When I pray, He can make my weaknesses strong. My faith will stand on Jesus, my solid rock.

Now only time can prove the power of prayer. The change we long for will come in Jesus Christ. So, now I lift my praise, burning incense day and night.

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Your faithfulness, I know You hear my every prayer. So I will believe the plan You have for us. We have abundant peace. When we seek Your face, when we call Your name, You will hear our cries to You. When we search for You, turn our hearts to You, we will find You there. You will grant us peace. Humbly, we receive.