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Are you going to expand the range and offer other styles of shoes, perhaps even boots and ankle boots? Yes, we are currently finalizing two styles of sandals, a mule, an ankle boot and a new court shoe. We will finish the range over the coming months to give women the opportunity to order all the great classics, always made to measure. How many processes are required, on average, to make a pair of ballerinas or high-heeled shoes?

Drafting, pattern-making, cutting, stitching, assembling, finishing, There are more than two hundred manoeuvres carried out by our craftsmen for each pair of custom shoes. It takes about seven weeks from order to delivery.

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A week after our interview, he joined the workshop. Initially we looked for a workshop capable of making our designs, but none could meet our specifications. The production of one-off designs requires a very special organisation that is not compatible with tools designed to make whole series. So we opened our own art workshop in order to manufacture special orders, and we formed a team of artisans who are passionate about their work. This enables us to control every step of manufacturing, resulting in excellent artisanal craftsmanship that gives our creations an extra-special something.

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Is customisation the key to success in your opinion? Is this the way to offer women a truly unique pair of shoes in an era of mass-produced shoes? Customisation is, indeed, one of our main keys to success. But I would say that our customers above all want a new method of purchasing. They want coherence between their values, their personality and what they buy: it's not only a way to stand up and differentiate themselves from others, but primarily to assert that they are in harmony with themselves.

They expect a high-quality item but they also like the fact that they've bought a pair of shoes that have been made especially for them by French craftspeople. They are part of a real eco-responsible initiative, as our workshop doesn't carry any stock, nor unsold items; each pair of shoes is made for a single customer. Did the combination of high-technology and luxury artisanal tradition seem obvious to you?

Yes, it seemed obvious to us to integrate leading-edge technology into the skills of our craftsmen to reinvent luxury shoemaking and make it more accessible. This means that we can offer a unique, fast and Are you planning to work with fashion designers in the near future? Our project has caught the eye of many designers who have offered to work with us. We're already working with Elise Hameau, who makes wedding dresses and other clothes "around love". This small collection, composed of 3 styles of mules and two styles of ankle boots has been on sale at Elise Hameau and some other chosen outlets since October.

The collection has also been available on our website since November. Are you going to follow the example of the fashion industry and bring out 2 collections a year? We are guided by elegance and quality, not the pressure of collections like the big fashion houses.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Correspondance inédite de Hector Berlioz.

But each season we will of course offer our customers new models and new combinations of materials. But our customers are themselves the designers. How are your shoes distributed? We have online sales as well as being available to buy at made-tomeasure outlets in France. These shops have sample pairs in standard sizes, as well as a catalogue of materials showing styles and colours. They help customers to design their shoes and take their measurements.

Are you planning to open a shop and be present in some strategic high street places? Our customers will have the opportunity to create a completely unique pair of shoes with our master shoemaker, Fred Rolland. Anne Bougon-Selo. Le bijou, une passion? Je suis une autodidacte de la joaillerie.

Dans les petits riens du quotidien, dans les voyages? Recommencer et comprendre enfin. Et souvent, nos envies du moment rejoignent les tendances. We meet an inspired and visionary designer. What do you love about jewellery? Is it the best way to express your creativity? I grew up in a very creative world: my great-grandmother was a sculptor; my grandmother was an artist; my grandfather an architect, and my aunt is an artist too. Art in all its forms has always occupied a major place in my family.

Jewellery came later in my life, when it struck me as an evidence. When I returned home from living abroad in , I finally decided to launch a jewellery brand.

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I taught myself about jewellery. This gives me real freedom, I don't have any constraints and I firmly believe that everything is possible. How does your jewellery stand out from other brands?

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First of all through its modern, experimental and poetic style. And through its unique concept: the Earring Bar. There are four main types of jewellery products: rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, with rings being the No. A unique feature in the jewellery market, and a visionary perspective. Where do you get your inspiration? From everyday life? From travel? Art, architecture, raw materials, words, atmospheres, travel destinations, simplicity of shapes And then there's Paris of course!

This capital city lives to the rhythm of fashion, catwalks, and art exhibitions: its streets, architecture, hidden courtyards and interior decoration are multiple sources of inspiration. Do you regularly bring out new collections? My design team and I believe in constantly renewed inspiration and we respond freely to our creative desires.

We develop two to four collections a year and we work lovingly, from the first sketch to the finished jewel. We believe that jewellery is part of an everyday lifestyle. Do you create jewellery that you like to wear and that you don't find elsewhere? I must say that since I've been creating jewellery, I basically wear prototypes of my new collections.

By giving them everyday life, I take the time to adjust and to shape them as I wish. In my opinion, it's important to give enough time to the creative process. Feel it. Conceive it. Sketch it. Start again.