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Heller on the origin of the title "Catch".

A History of the Alt-Right

Heller planned to call the novel Catch, but his editor, Robert Gottlieb, warned that best-selling novelist Leon Uris was about to publish Mila As an alternative, Gottlieb suggested Catch, and the term became part of our everyday language. For Heller and Uris, both of whom were Jewish, the number 18 had special meaning.

The Hebrew number 18, yud-het, uses the same letters as the word for life, het-yud. For this reason, donations to Jewish charities and gifts for special occasions are commonly made in multiples of 18, and the number is traditionally associated with good fortune and vitality. A wonderful inscribed copy of this modern classic. Inscribed by Author s. Published by Julia Margaret Cameron, About this Item: Julia Margaret Cameron, , Very good condition. Julia Margaret Cameron s portrait of Darwin is the most famous photograph of a 19th-century scientist.

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Darwin remarked, I like this photograph very much better than any other which has been taken of me. In , Darwin and his family traveled to the Isle of Wight, both for a long holiday and to aid in his recuperation from a recent illness. The Darwins rented a house from Cameron and were immediately charmed by the photographer: She received the whole family with open-hearted kindness and hospitality, and Darwin always retained a warm feeling of friendship for her. When they left she came to see them off, loading them with presents of photographs.

Moved, Darwin said: Mrs.

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Cameron, there are sixteen people in this house, all in love with you. Darwin paid her for her portraits of him, and as the Camerons had by that time lost a great deal of money through the continued failure of the coffee crop, she gladly accepted payment and ran boasting to her husband, Look, Charles, what a lot of money!

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Gernsheim, Julia Margaret Cameron. Published by New York: Bobbs-Merrill Presentation copy inscribed by Black: To our friend, Arthur Goldberg, on this his forty ninth birthday, with our warm and affectionate good wishes to him and to Dorothy, Hugo L. Black August 8, and further signed by his wife Elizabeth.

Black, once a member of the KKK and later one of the greatest defenders of civil liberties, inscribes this volume to fellow Supreme Court Justice Goldberg. Black, Warren, Douglas, Brennan, and Goldberg were key members of the liberal wing of the court in the s. Kennedy named Arthur Goldberg to the Court in There he made key contributions in the law of capital punishment and the right to privacy, most notably in his Griswold v.

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Connecticut opinion. Original cloth and dust jacket. Inner hinges neatly restored. A splendid Supreme Court presentation copy. Published by Washington, late s About this Item: Washington, late s, Color photograph. This splendid photograph of Bill Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu seated in the White House is signed and inscribed by Clinton: To the people of Israel with gratitude for the ties that bind us. Bill Clinton. Netanyahu was Prime Minister from to during the second Clinton administration.

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Provenance: a leading figure in the Houston Jewish community who coordinated presidential gifts to Israeli leaders and requested for himself second examples of the inscribed photographs commemorating high-level meetings. Published by Israel, About this Item: Israel, , Minor wear and stains. Cloth folder. As a people, our monuments never commemorate victories. They commemorate the names of the fallen.

David Elazar This splendid collection of dramatic photographs documents the activity of the IDF during the second stage of the War of Independence, following the second cease-fire. Subjects include Egyptian prisoners of war in Nitzana during Horev Operation ; conquest of Uja el-Hafir Nitzana ; Nitzanim; Negba; Medical care of prisoners; Jeep unit of Shualey Shimshon ; conquest of villages and bombing buildings; plane towards landing; horsemen near Gedera; Metzudat Ko ach Nebi Yosha fort ; and military ceremonies and parades.

These riveting images were made by highly skilled professional photographers documenting the birth of the modern state of Israel. One of the photographs has been identified as by the celebrated military photographer Boris Carmi It is likely that most of the other photographs were taken by Carmi and other professional photographers working as military photographers during the War of Independence. In he was arrested on suspicion of spying for the USSR, and he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

Published by AP, June About this Item: AP, June , Folded down into flat sections 18 inches in length. Minor wear, occasional short tears, faint red ink stain along one edge, last section with full horizontal tear across the text. First announcement of the D-Day landings, perhaps the most important event of the 20th century. This file of teletypes begins on the evening of June 5, , with the recent Allied liberation of Rome.

Early on June 6th, breaking news comes across the wire: The German news agency Transocean says that the Allied invasion has begun. Allied Armies have landed on the coast of France in the mightiest military invasion ever undertaken. Tough American parachute troops, hardened in the Italian campaign, were the first to land behind Hitler s Atlantic wall.

The final report of the day is a summary provided by President Roosevelt: Tremendous forces of Allied tanks and infantry landed this morning along the Normandy coast of France and have battered several miles inland. It was unknowable then, but so much of the progress that would define the 20th century, on both sides of the Atlantic, came down to the battle for a slice of beach only 6 miles long and 2 miles wide Barack Obama.

The long-planned D-Day invasion was shrouded in secrecy. The D in D-Day stood simply for day, as the actual date of the amphibious landing was not fixed until immediately preceding the operation. It was of utmost importance that the Allies restrict information on the invasion on both sides of the Atlantic. Thus contemporary written information predating the invasion is essentially unobtainable.

In light of the secrecy around invasion plans, a central aspect of the intelligence operation for the invasion was the feeding of false information to the German military. The Allied program of disinformation, codenamed Operation Bodyguard, aimed to convince Hitler that the invasion would take place somewhere other than Normandy, primarily Pas de Calais in northern France, Southern France, the Balkans, or Norway. The plan was so effective that Hitler delayed repositioning the troops he had placed in Pas de Calais for seven weeks after the Normandy landing, greatly weakening the initial response of the German military.

The invasion of Normandy, codenamed Operation Overlord, began with an invasion of the French coastline on June 6th, The invasion force consisted of 3 million men , of whom landed on D-day , 13, aircraft, 1, warships, 2, merchant ships, and 2, amphibious landing craft.

The Allies created new technology for the landing, including a new type of tank and even two artificial ports. It remains the largest seaborne invasion in history. The effect on public morale in the United States and Britain was enormous. The landing of troops on the ground gave Britain renewed vigor in a war that had badly sapped public spirits. The American the public had been long gearing up for the invasion, and its realization galvanized public support. This fragile strip of paper is the earliest announcement of the greatest event of the 20th century: the beginning of the liberation of Western Europe and the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Published by Weed About this Item: Weed, Mammoth albumen print. This beautiful photograph was formerly affixed back-to-back with another mounted photograph, giving a very faint linen-like texture on the surface. Thin strip of linen tape on mount. A splendid print with rich tonal range, worthy of the finest collections. Charles Leander Weed is generally considered the first photographer to work in Yosemite. His trip there yielded approximately twenty 10 x 14 inch views and forty stereo images.

For his photographic expedition to the Yosemite Valley and the Big Trees of Calaveras, Weed used a larger camera to produce this splendid mammoth-plate print more than twice the size of the views , as well as a new series of stereo views. Weed exhibited his mammoth prints at the Paris International Exposition.

Relatively little is known about Weed, who remains a shadowy presence Palmquist. In addition to working in San Francisco, he established studios in China and Hawaii. His greatest accomplishment was his series of mammoth plate photographs of the Yosemite Valley and the Big Trees of Calaveras made in His photographs of the giant sequoias are especially noteworthy as they capture the magnificence and scale of the great trees.

The Original Big Tree shows the first giant sequoia to come to the attention of white Americans. Discovered by Augustus P. Dowd in in the Mammoth Grove of Calaveras, it was cut down the following year. Five men felled the tree after three weeks of work using only mining augurs. The bark was then assembled into the tree s original form for a traveling exhibit.

The colossal stump of the Discovery Tree was planed and briefly used as a dance floor. This image shows a section of the trunk lying next to the domed building covering the stump.

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  • Die Familie als Institution der Entwicklungsförderung oder der Entwicklungsgefährdung für junge Menschen in Deutschland?: Formen, Häufigkeiten, Folgen, ... und Interventionsansätzen (German Edition).
  • Published by [Philadelphia] About this Item: [Philadelphia], Hand-tinted quarter plate daguerreotype, blue paper mat, cased, contemporary manuscript laid over the case lining stating: Baltus Stone, Revolutionary Pensioner of the United States. Born October Signed his receipt for his Pension at the Philadelphia agency by making his mark. March 5, This remarkable portrait of Revolutionary War veteran Baltus Stone is one of the very few daguerreotypes of a person who had lived in colonial America.

    Few Americans born before had their likenesses captured by the new medium of photography, which came to America in The precise date of Stone s birth is uncertain.

    The Meaning of Ludwig von Mises - Murray N. Rothbard

    The inscription in this case gives it as , while his obituary gives the year Stone s pension application of states that he was then sixty-six, suggesting a birth year of The Copes-Bissett family Bible, which records the family of Stone s presumed daughter Hannah, gives the year In any event, Baltus Stone is one of the very earliest-born people to be photographed.

    The earliest competitor we have seen cited is a John Adams born in Worcester in Maureen Taylor s The Last Muster: Images of The Revolutionary War Generation reproduces portraits of only two men born as early as that decade, in and circa Another candidate is the African-American slave Caesar, with an uncorroborated birth year of , whose daguerreotype is in the collection of The New-York Historical Society. Stone died just months after sitting for this daguerreotype. At an early age the dec d entered the army as a rifleman, along with his father, who sealed his devotion for his adopted country with his life s blood.

    He has received a pension from Gov t, as a reward for these services, for many years. He was able to walk, supported by his staff, until within a few months past National Intelligencer, 27 October Stone s official pension file reveals the obituary s embellishments.