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She is purported to be the wicked demoness who causes infants to suddenly die in their cribs. Is she this horrible monster? The Patriarch would lead you to believe so. Is there some great conspiracy fostered by the ancients?

Demon Subtype

Was the story of Lilith deliberately omitted from the Book of Genesis? Follow Professor Gerard Cantowski, a self proclaimed celibate, through a whirlwind of erotic hauntings, seemingly demonic visitations, and almost devilish sexual encounters as he discovers the truth.

Walk a few miles in his shoes down the road of discovery that leads him to the New Matriarch and the apocalyptic end of the Patriarch. During the Defeat and Capture Lilitu mission she will be having some words with her Circle of Thorns allies when found:. Before combat: Useless! Pathetic and weak! Could you disgust me more?

Lilitu - Memorial (2001) [Full Album]

Combat start: All of you pathetic mortals are bugs before me! I will kill every last one of you! The targeted creature can attempt a DC 26 Fortitude save to negate this effect, allowing it to die normally. A humanoid transformed into a husk withers away into an immobile and desiccated corpse, but does not actually die—in this state, the creature remains aware of its surroundings but can take no actions at all. If a husk is destroyed, the effect ends and the body dies. A lilitu can maintain a number of husks simultaneously equal to her Charisma bonus 8 husks for the typical lilitu ; if she creates more husks than she can maintain, a previously created husk chosen by the lilitu is released and immediately dies.

Lilitus hide their husk collections in very safe places.

The Lilith Library - Mythology, Archeology, Fables, Historical Facts, Lore and Trivia.

By spending a minute in blasphemous contact with a husk she created, a lilitu can establish a supernatural link to that husk. Once per day as a full-round action , a lilitu can forge a profane pact with a willing humanoid creature bearing at least one lilitu brand by touching the creature for 1 full round. A single creature can have no more than one profane pact with a lilitu at any time. A creature that accepts a wish from a lilitu immediately becomes chaotic evil unless it succeeds at a DC 26 Will save.

A creature that becomes chaotic evil in this way gains the benefits of a good hope spell for 24 hours, followed by the effects of crushing despair for 1d6 days these spell effects function at CL 17th.

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When a lilitu makes a full attack, she can attack twice with each of her claws, for a total of four attacks in that round. Environment any Abyss Organization solitary, pair, gathering 3—5 , or cult 1 lilitu and 6—12 succubi Treasure double.

Lilu (mythology)

Lilitus are subversive and hidden horrors, demons who work subtly in their constant quest to destroy and devastate. Whereas most demons prefer to rend and destroy, the lilitu is more akin to the succubus —she prefers to do her work in humanoid form to infect society with sin from within.

Lilitus enjoy few things more than leading mortals into all manner of sinful acts, in the hope that when the mortal perishes, its soul will fuel the Abyss. Despite some superficial similarities to succubi , lilitus are not solely concerned with the sin of lust. The exact nature of sin that a lilitu tempts a mortal into committing varies, for these demons are adept at reading mortal desires and secrets, quickly discerning which sins a specific target can be convinced to perform.