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Disaster Responders Developed jointly with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, PFA is an evidence-informed modular approach for assisting people in the immediate aftermath of disaster and terrorism: to reduce initial distress, and to foster short- and long-term adaptive functioning. Login to learn about this intervention.

Chat online with a counselor Call or visit a local emergency room. Diabetes is a condition when the body cannot maintain normal blood glucose levels.

If a person with diabetes does not monitor their glucose levels, then they can become hypoglycaemic low blood sugar levels or hyperglycaemic high blood sugar levels. Substances are categorised according to their effects on the body. Hyperthermia is usually heat induced illnesses which occurs when our body is unable to cool itself adequately. The body normally cools itself by sweating, and by letting heat escape through the skin if the body does not cool itself properly it may lead to a heat related illness.

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Explain the dangers a First Aid may face in this situation Recognise the possibility a casualty may be a victim of Crush Syndrome Explain the process involved to administer First Aid to the casualty. Explain common types of eye, ear and nose injuries and First Aid management of foreign bodies; and Demonstrate management techniques of bleeds from the orifices. Identify the types and classification of burns; Demonstrate appropriate First Aid management of a range of burns.

Explain the circumstances and general rules for moving a casualty; and Demonstrate one and two person methods of lifting and carrying a casualty. Accredited First Aid Courses.

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Book online. Fill out my Wufoo form! See full course information. The basic categories are: Stimulants Hallucinogens Depressants Hyperthermia is usually heat induced illnesses which occurs when our body is unable to cool itself adequately. Modules 1. Legislation 2. Legalities and Recording 3.

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Introduction To First Aid 4. Assessment, Descision Making and Referral 5.

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