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The rest of the Bad Guys find themselves with problems to solve. How will they get Mr Wolf back to his normal size and temperament and how will they stop the alien invasion? Together with the International League of Heroes, they all have to do some quick thinking and act in dangerous ways in order to save the world, using their new superpowers.

Fans will have no problem jumping right into the funny story, while people new to the series will still be able to follow the story and characters, but will certainly want to go back and read the previous episodes. There are some over the top incidents that will have readers laughing out loud. I loved how Mr Snake got into Mr Wolf's ear and using his superpower, tries to whisper him back to his normal self.

Of course, this proves exceptionally difficult, and it is only when he reverts to his normal bossy self and tells Mr Wolf off, that things begin to change. A boon for reluctant readers and children who have difficulty reading longer books, The big bad wolf is another winner for Blabey.

The Eldest Curses book 1. Simon and Schuster, I tend to see a copy in the hands of my students frequently so really wanted to try this book. The series is so popular with young adults that there are now companion books, graphic novels, manga, film, and TV series adaptations. Each of the books, as my students say, follow the supernatural conflict between the Shadowhunters, a group of powerful human-angel hybrids, and Downworlders, a society of mythological beings, and their battle against demons.


It is co-written with Wesley Chu. I found the book very easy to read and follow and wanted to know more about the characters. The Red Sea Scrolls was a love story between two people who should not be together due to who they were. Magnus and Alec decide to take a relaxing romantic vacation together through Europe.

Vacation, I think not. Magnus' past catches up and he is accused of putting a cult together called the Crimson Hand. Magnus and Alec are on the hunt to find the real leader of this cult and along the way they encounter vampires, werewolves, demons and many other people and creatures.

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It is action packed, full of love and great twists and turns, while the reader also learns more about the past of both characters which was very interesting. I actually did enjoy reading this LGBT, fantasy love story book and can see why young adults love the series. The ending did leave me thinking, 'Will Magnus tell Alec the massive secret of who his father really is'? Will have to read the next book in the series to find out. Pegagus Publishers, When David arrives in San Francisco after his father moves from Australia to take up a post at Silicon Valley, he links up with a friend he met while at a NASA camp during the previous summer break, Sierra.

She and David are space fanatics, so for David to come from Australia to the camp was impressive. That they hooked up made their time at the camp even better.

It seems a door has been found on Mars, an actual door, and it must be investigated. But NASA is ten years away from suspended animation for long distance space travel, and an imperative has been added to the mission to Mars; a meteor is headed its way. The only successful suspended animation trials have been conducted on children, so David and Sierra are asked to volunteer. The premise on which this science fiction tale is based is luminous - it is so believable, made more so by the writing which oozes with an infusion of background knowledge.

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Napier's career in space makes his setting more than credible: the words, descriptions and scientific language are easily digested, the position the two are in seems like something that could happen, the voyage they take seems almost possible. Readers will love moving about in this engrossing science fiction story aimed at teens. The city the teens find on Mars rivals many of the CGI inspired cities of recent films and the written word brings them to life.

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With nods to , a space odyssey , The terminator and Star trek amongst others along with a splash of The chariots of the gods Erich von Daniken thrown in to stir the pot, this is a rich read of science fiction and I hope a second outing for David and Sierra is in the air. Little Steps, Age: Primary - Middle school Alfred Deakin by Belinda Beattie is an interesting picture book showcasing the contributions made by our second Prime Minister. The book is fact based, and delves into many parts of his life, not just politics, but his physical features, likes and dislikes and family situation.

I thought this book was extremely informative, giving me a broad understanding of who Alfred Deakin was and where his ideals came from. I liked that they did not paint a rosy portrait of him and told of his racist views towards the Indigenous Australians. Belinda Beattie did this in such a way that it was just another part of the story and it did not 'taint' the ending. The illustrations by Maxwell Tilse are lovely, with many of the characters showing the feelings of the times through facial expressions and colour.

I felt that the pictures really added depth and further understandings to the text. One of my favourite parts of the story were the little tid-bits of information like the total number of days he was in office , the meaning behind the name of his house 'Llanarth' and his love of books and speech-making! I think that this book would be a good addition to any library for the use of primary to middle school students learning about past Australian leaders. It is factual, thought-provoking whilst being easy for a multitude of students to read.

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Lauren Fountain. ABC Books, Themes: Bedtime, Sleep. The bestselling creators of Why I love summer and Why I love footy team up again to bring us a wonderful bedtime story that will appeal enormously to all the very active young children who need to settle down and go to sleep after a very busy day. This is a delightful read aloud that adults will enjoy reading to their children, and kids will love the alliteration that forms an engaging part of the narrative: 'The lounging lion tames are lazily lapsing into the land of Nod,' and 'The cowboys and cowgirls are completely cactus'. The book shows a multitude of activities that the tough guys of both genders may have engaged in during the day, starting off with the 'astronauts who are already asleep', resting wrestlers, firefighters 'fitting in forty fabulous winks', soldiers and pooped pirates.

Each activity is illustrated with humourous pictures of the little tough guys as they gradually go to sleep, all done in glorious bright colours. Jellett's many details will bring smiles to everyone's faces as they read about the different characters, both boys and girls, who are exhausted after busy day. It was fun to see the little tough girl who was a 'beefy builder' and a soldier and the loving relationships in the household pervaded all the drawings.

Bedtime routines like having a bath, cleaning teeth and reading a bedtime story were all shown in the illustrations, and children will delight in the many ways that imaginative play is portrayed. This is a delightful book that will promote healthy sleep to even the most active child. It is a keeper, one that is sure to become a big favourite. An action-packed and engaging novel based on the DC comics super heroine of Catwoman. One of the four books in the DC icons series in which popular Young Adult authors write origin stories focusing on the teenage years of DC comics heroes.

Caring for her terminally ill sister, Selina Kyle will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Battling dangerous enemies in the boxing ring night after night to pay for her medical bills is just the beginning. When she is finally cornered by the police, with nowhere to go and the threat of her sister being thrown into a dingy foster home that wouldn't care for her medical needs, Selina is offered a deal she can't refuse.

Her sister safe in a suitable, upper-class foster home, Selina is brutally trained as an assassin. Two years later, she returns to Gotham City as Holly Vanderhees, a wealthy and mysterious socialite, by day and Catwoman by night. Joining forces with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, the group wreak havoc across the city and spark the attention of Batwing, who is proving himself as the protector of Gotham while Batman is away on a vital mission.

While her expertise helps her thrive as Catwoman, as Holly, Selina finds herself clueless when it comes to her wealthy, handsome neighbour, Luke Fox, who she discovers may just have some hidden depths to himself as well; for in Gotham, no one is really as they seem. However, Selina's desperate game of cat and mouse is only exacerbated when a dangerous threat from her past looms in the background; threatening her ability to pull off her most important heist yet. While the novel is action-packed, and has vibrant and complex characters, the descriptive language of Maas can be difficult to follow.

Knowledge of the DC Universe is useful and presumed by the author, with little explained throughout the book. Daniella Chiarolli. Dread Nation book 1.

Titan Books, Themes: Horror, Zombies, Alternative history, Racism. What a roller coaster of a ride - thrilling action and a complex story that looks at racism and slavery makes this an engrossing historical adventure about an alternative America. When families begin to go missing from the area, she and her colleague, Katherine, are caught up in a deadly conspiracy that sees her in a deadly struggle not only against the zombies but against a group of Survivalists who view her and her companions as fodder for the undead.

I picked this up as it kept appearing on literary awards for young adult books in the fantasy and science fiction genres Hugo Award Nominee , Nebula Award Nominee Andre Norton Award , Locus Award nominee , and Goodreads Choice Award Nominee , and I was not disappointed. Ireland's very skilful narration brings the characters to life while maintaining a very fast pace. Jane is a feisty and intelligent girl who has outstanding leadership skills which she uses often while fighting the Shamblers. But she also has some flaws - she is impetuous and often says things that get her into trouble.

Katherine is her opposite, determined to remain ladylike in all situations.

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When trouble strikes them both, they manage to put aside their differences to fight the evil around them. Fans of the zombie genre will want to read this, while fans of historical fiction will become engrossed in a story that has its combat school system based on the real Native American boarding schools, as the author's note explains.

And readers who like a good action story, well written with likeable characters, and which also explores slavery and racism, will find this difficult to put down and will be impatient for the sequel that is to come.

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The complexity of its themes could also make it a literature circle text, promoting lively discussion. EK Books, Themes: Sight, Glasses, Difference. EK Books has a tagline 'Books with heart' on issues that matter, and thankfully Susanne Gervay is one of their authors. Gervay is able to write about issues that matter with an understated ease allowing students to read the story as any other story not one that sets out to make a point. So it is with The Boy in the big blue glasses. Encouraging children to wear their glasses when a problem with their sight has been diagnosed can be awkward, and for Sammy, he is loathe to make himself different from the rest of his class.

Adults do the 'right thing' in trying to be supportive, but they miss the point altogether. His parents and Gran all talk of the handsome boy in his glasses, making him a little tense. His aunt and teacher follow the same line, asking about the handsome boy, the superhero. But Sammy does not want to be a superhero, he does not want to be different. His best friend, George is the only one who points out his new glasses, and Sammy feels that no-one else can see past the glasses to see him, the same boy, not different at all.

He leaves his glasses behind when the goes to the doctor, he loses them in the house, Mum finding them under his bed, he takes them off at school when the others tease him when his friend George is away. But in doing this everything becomes blurry, and he makes faces at the funny things he sees and he begins to laugh. The rest of the class laugh with him, his teacher as well, telling him how funny he is. When George returns they play the same game, the cardboard box being the pirate ship, only this time the whole class joins in, seeing him not as a boy with glasses, but as himself.

A satisfying story about difference, readers will offer all sorts of tales about difference and the way people are seen by others. The book lends itself to discussion within the classroom, without being overly didactic.